Our Vision

Ontario Library Service - North (OLS - North) contributes to building strong northern libraries.

Our organization:

  • promotes equitable access to library services throughout Northern Ontario.
  • accepts the unique challenge of supporting library development in remote communities, First Nation, and francophone communities.
  • understands the changing needs of libraries and works with library clients and partners to build a strong and stable foundation for service delivery.

OLS - North is recognized as a leader and encourages libraries to be leaders in their communities.


Mission and Mandate

Ontario Library Service - North is a non-scheduled agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. The agency is governed by a nine-member board, which receives its authority from the Public Libraries Act, the Corporations Act, and its Letters Patent. Operating at an arm’s length from the Ministry, the Board conducts itself according to a Memorandum of Understanding.

The purpose of the Ontario Library Service is to provide programs and services on behalf of the

Ministry by:

  1. Increasing cooperation and coordination among public library boards and other information providers in order to promote the provision of library services to the public.
  2. Assisting public library boards by providing them with services and programs that reflect their needs, including consultation, training and development services.
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