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Ontario Library Service-North, in conjunction with Northern Ontario Public Libraries, is pleased to announce the twelfth annual Northern Lit Award. The Northern Lit Award will recognize the outstanding contribution Northern Ontario authors make to Northern culture.

2017 Northern Lit Winners

Media Release: "2017 Northern Lit Awards - Winners Announced" 

English Fiction

Doug Diaczuk, Chalk Chalk Doug Diaczuk 

Published by Anvil Press, ISBN 978-1772140781
“’You’ and L, a mysterious third gender runaway, hit the road on a mission to find the meaning of life. Traveling by plane, bus and car, You run into trouble with the cops, mourn a family tragedy, smoke hundreds of cigarettes, attend a retirement party, come to terms with a broken heart, and discover that all roads lead back to where You started - in the flowers drawn by two little girls in coloured chalk on the sidewalk.” – Publisher description.


Louise de Kiriline Lawrence (English Nonfiction)

Adam Shoalts, Alone Against the NorthAdam Shoalts Alone Against the North

Published by Viking Press, ISBN 978-0670069453
“When Adam Shoalts ventured into the largest unexplored wilderness on the planet, he hoped to set foot where no one had ever gone before. What he discovered surprised even him. Shoalts was no stranger to the wilderness. He had hacked his way through jungles and swamp, had stared down polar bears and climbed mountains. But one spot on the map called out to him irresistibly: the Hudson Bay Lowlands, a trackless expanse of muskeg and lonely rivers, caribou and wolf—an Amazon of the north, parts of which to this day remain unexplored.” – Publisher description.


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