Face to Face networking opportunities are provided to clients twice a year; at the annual conferences in the fall and through meetings throughout Northern Ontario in the spring. These Networking meetings are coupled with some training workshop. The Networking groups are based on geography and areas of interest, very similar to the former Librarian Advisory Committee Structure.  The purpose of the Networking structure is to provide opportunities for clients to meet face to face and discuss programs and issues from their individual libraries, as well as cooperative ventures.


Networking Group Meeting Location Meeting Date 
First Nations TBA May 9-11, 2017 
Franchophone  TBA  May 11, 2017
Kirkland Lake  TBA  April 11, 2017
Manitoulin Island  TBA  May 10, 2017
Near North  TBA  April 26, 2017
North Shore  TBA  April 5, 2017
Parry Sound  TBA  April 3, 2017
Thunder Bay  TBA  May 2-3, 2017


Client Area Network and Training


For any information regarding the following committees please contact:

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1-800-461-6348 ext. 214



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